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I have been producing music for the masses for many years. I have seen the landscape change over the years too.

It has never been about the money for me when it comes to making music (although it is nice, just saying).

Starting today, all Spaceboy music posted on the Official SB site is FREE for non-commercial use. Share it, give it but most of all play it loud.

Click the Download button for the Album and you will get a prompt to save on your computer.


If you want to use it for commercial use contact me at contact@spaceboyuniverse.com




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2020 Preview


After spending last year working on the Sound Track music for Sweepers, I am getting back into producing music for the masses. Upgraded My DAW to Reason 11 and subscribed to Roland Cloud. Using a Virtual Roland System - 8 and a Jupiter 8 Keyboard.

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Fadernaut One

Intellectual Love


Get Your Groove On

Continuum Vol 1

Tales From The 8th Dimension


Carbon Dating

Virtual Kiss